Photobook “Smoke”

Photobook “Smoke” contains a series of pictorial photographs created between 2000 and 2016. In photographs, stylistically resembling the imagery of the early XX century, the author has captured the passing beauty of his birthplace. Here, plazas and buildings are falling into decay, the weed-filled town park is living out its days, and the once young tech city is approaching the state of the neighbouring villages.
The book describes the feelings of a post-Soviet man, aware of the past perspectives of the bright future dead and gone, where in the haze of shifting eras unknown, unlimited and overwhelming powers of nature loom over him and things he has created.

Dulcis fumus patriae
(The smoke of the fatherland is sweet)
Latin expression

The past is like smoke ... a pity
A. Belyi

Hardcover, 104 pages
73 monochrome photos
Languages: Russian, English (except essay)
Size: 23x29x1.7 cm. Weight: 680 g.
Paper: Materica Gesso 120 g/m2
Digital printing. 50 copies.
Printing house: "NP-Print"
Publisher: "Printing Gallery", St. Petersburg
ISBN: 978-5-6044484-9-6
Release: September 2020
Price (excluding delivery): sold out

Georgy Kolosov. Book review

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