Photobook “Labyrinth” (2020)

30 December 2020

Photobook “Labyrinth” comprises of six series created in 2017 and 2018 in classic monochrome palette.
In December 2017, not a single sunny day was registered in Moscow Region. Gloom and slush night and day kept one in a state of never-ending confusion. In the hope of seeing the closest star we embarked on a journey along entangled, crooked and forsaken paths. Roadside landscapes, a mountain river gorge, unattainable heights, a dead-end in the suburbs by an abandoned mine, seven days between work and home, the final resting place for old vehicles, the way to the graveyard and wandering between abandoned houses along the motorway have interwoven into a quirky intellectual maze.

They told me that the road I took
would lead me to the Sea of Death;
and from halfway along I turned back.
And ever since, all the paths I have roamed
were entangled, and crooked, and forsaken.
Akiko Yosano

Hardcover, 104 pages
71 monochrome photos
Languages: Russian, English (except essay)
Size: 23x29x1.5 cm. Weight: 860 g.
Paper: coated 170 g/m2
Digital printing. 50 copies.
Printing house: "NP-Print"
Publisher: "Printing Gallery", St. Petersburg
ISBN: 978-5-6044819-0-5
Release: September 2020
Price (excluding delivery): $20

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