Roundabout ways

The third part of the long-term photoproject of Konstantin Chemeris. The first two parts in 2020 were included in the photobooks "Smoke" and "Labyrinth". Showcased here are key works from several series created between 2011 and 2021 in a classic monochrome color scheme. These are visual essays about the non-main, secondary, non-obvious, from which, perhaps, our present is built. Every photo here is a quiet reflection of life. In the presented collection it is difficult to find recognizable architectural ensembles, which have become the "calling cards" of the cities in which the photographs were taken. On the contrary, these are quiet corners behind garages, invisible from the central streets and excursion routes, the outskirts of the city and old courtyards, far from the "Potemkin villages". It is here that the traces of time appear most clearly, continuously and uncontrollably flowing through spaces.